Earning Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

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Six Sigma Black Belt
Image: sixsigmaonline.org

For more than three decades, Todd Lovejoy has been working as a business manager and senior-level executive. His early career was spent with Hughes Aircraft and Solectron, and he currently oversees TAL Management Services, LLC, as cofounder and owner. To supplement his practical experience, Todd Lovejoy is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Six Sigma is a business management strategy in which professionals earn certification at varying levels. One of the highest certifications is Black Belt, which is designed for top-level professionals who possess a strong understanding of the Six Sigma methodology.

Before professionals can earn Six Sigma Black Belt certification, they must pass an examination that tests their Six Sigma body of knowledge. This test is administered at testing centers around the world.

Professionals are encouraged to have some business management experience before they take the Six Sigma test. During the test, individuals are asked questions designed to prove their ability to manage teams, establish business plans, and analyze various types of corporate data.